List of Applications

For general inquiries regarding your studies, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Here you can find the list of applications you can file with the Examination Board. You will be asked for your pursued degree in a later step.

For international students: In case of visa matters please use the application for the Certificate about progress of studies.

Application forms:

Regarding your thesis:

Extend deadline of thesis

Change title of thesis

Regarding previous studies:

Transfer of credit (not for M.Sc. Media Informatics)

Issuing of a certificate of academic clearance (“Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung”)

Waiver of conditional modules

Regarding your minor (Anwendungsfach):

Query regarding an existing minor (for B.Sc./M.Sc. Computer Science only)

Approval of Medicine as a minor

Approval of a (new) minor (for B.Sc./M.Sc. Computer Science only)


Informal application

Appeal against grading of an exam

Belated registration for an exam

Certificate about progress of studies