Class starting dates

Due to the Coronavirus, all attendance-based classes and events will start on the 20.04.2020. However, several classes and courses will start with online concepts from 6.4.2020 on. On this page, you find the list of computer sciences classes with their starting date. Please follow the links to the classes to get more information, e.g. on the mode of operation (physical teaching, streaming, recordings, …).

Note that we are currently collecting all the information. The list is not yet complete. Please have a look at this page frequently to get all the information by and by.

Chair of Computer Science 1 (Algorithms and Complexity)
Prof. Gerhard Woeginger, PD Walter Unger

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Online AlgorithmsLecture21.04.19.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science (Theoretical Computer Science)
Prof. Peter Rossmanith

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Formale Systeme, Automaten, ProzesseLecture08.04.30.03.

Chair of Computer Science 2 (Software Modeling and Verification)
Prof. Joost-Pieter Katoen, Prof. Thomas Noll

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Datenstrukturen und AlgorithmenLecture06.04.20.03.
Theoretical Foundations of the UMLLecture20.04.20.03.
Static Program AnalysisLecture20.04.20.03.
Introduction to Program AnalysisProseminar14.04.20.03.
Probabilistic Models of ConcurrencySeminar14.04.20.03.
Implementation of Heuristic Algorithms for Board GamesLab14.04.20.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 2 (Programming Languages and Verification)
Prof. Jürgen Giesl

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Logic ProgrammingLecture06.04.20.03.
Fortgeschrittene ProgrammierkonzepteProseminar09.04.20.03.
Satisfiability CheckingSeminar06.04.20.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 2 (Theory of Hybrid Systems)
Prof. Erika Ábrahám

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid SystemsLecture07.04.19.03.
Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen (Service)Lecture09.04.19.03.
Applied Topics in Renewable EnergyLab07.04.19.03.
Virtual Reality App for Wind FarmsLab07.04.19.03.
Web Applications for Renewable EnergyLab07.04.19.03.
Satisfiability CheckingSeminar07.04.19.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 3 (Software Construction)
Prof. Horst Lichter

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Software Project ManagementLecture09.04.20.03.
Software Quality AssuranceLecture21.04.20.03.
Daten die uns bewegenLab07.04.20.03.
Many ways to travelLab07.04.20.03.

Chair of Computer Science 4 (Communication and Distributed Systems)
Prof. Klaus Wehrle, RWTH Lecturer Dirk Thißen

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Mobile Internet TechnologyLecture09.04.19.03.
Datenkommunikation und SicherheitLecture16.04.03.04.
Internet TechnologySeminar02.03.19.03.
Advanced Internet TechnologySeminar02.03.19.03.
Security and PrivacyProseminar26.02.19.03.
Lasting Research in NetworksProseminar26.02.19.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science (IT-Security)
Prof. Ulrike Meyer

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Security in Mobile CommunicationsLecture20.04.19.03.
Security LabLab/Seminar01.04.19.03.

Chair of Computer Science 5 (Information Systems and Database Technology)
Prof. Stefan Decker, Prof. Matthias Jarke, PD Ralf Klamma

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Datenbanken und InformationssystemeLecture07.04.23.03.
Social ComputingLecture06.04.23.03.
Bridge Course DatabaseLecture06.04.23.03.
Web Science SeminarSeminar27.03.23.03.
Privacy and Big DataSeminar06.04.23.03.
Algorithmen für die Entdeckung von Communities in sozialen NetzwerkenProseminar10.04.23.03.
Mixed Reality LabLab20.04.23.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 5 (Knowledge-Based Systems)
Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Introduction to Knowledge RepresentationLecture20.04.30.03.
Uncertainty in RoboticsLecture24.04.30.03.

Fraunhofer Teaching/Research Group Computer Science (Cooperation Systems)
Prof. Wolfgang Prinz

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
CSCW und Goupware - Cooperation Technologies: Methods and ApplicationsLecture22.04.02.04.

Fraunhofer Teaching/Research Group Computer Science (Media Processes)
Prof. Thomas Rose

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Process ManagementLecture22.04.02.04.

Chair of Computer Science 6 (Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition)
Prof. Hermann Ney, PD Ralf Schlüter

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Advanced Methods in Automatic Speech RecognitionLecture07.04.19.03.
Selected Topics in Human Language Technology and Pattern RecognitionSeminar03.03.23.03.
Proseminar: DatenkompressionProseminar03.03.23.03.
Softwareprojektpraktikum Maschinelle ÜbersetzungLab08.04.23.03.

Chair of Computer Science 7 (Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems)
Prof. Martin Grohe, PD Christof Löding

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Algorithmic Foundations of DatascienceLecture21.04.19.03.
The Graph Isomorphism ProblemLecture20.04.19.03.
Advanced Automata TheoryLecture20.04.19.03.
Automaten, Sprachen, KomplexitätLecture20.04.19.03.
Graph LearningLab20.04.19.03.
Informatikpraktikum für MathematikerLab22.04.19.03.
Seminar KomplexitätstheorieBlockseminar13.07.19.03.

Teaching/Research Group Mathematical Fundamentals of Computer Science (Logic and Complexity)
Prof. Erich Grädel

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Mathematical LogicLecture06.04.20.03.
Quantum ComputingLecture06.04.20.03.

Chair of Computer Science 8 (Computer Graphics and Multimedia)
Prof. Leif Kobbelt

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Geometry ProcessingLecture09.04.03.04.
Current Topics in Computer Graphics and Geometry ProcessingSeminar09.04.23.03.
Selected Topics in Computer GraphicsProseminar16.04.22.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 8 (Computer Animation)
Prof. Jan Bender

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Advanced Techniques in Physically-Based AnimationLecture21.04.27.03.
Selected Topics in Game PhysicsProseminar22.04.27.03.
Game PhysicsLab21.04.27.03.

Chair of Computer Science 9 (Process and Data Science)
Prof. Wil van der Aalst

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Advanced Process MiningLecture15.04.20.03.
Business Process IntelligenceLecture08.04.20.03.
Selected Topics in Process MiningSeminar06.04.20.03.
Machine Learning Applications in Process MiningSeminar10.04.20.03.
Data PreprocessingProseminar15.04.20.03.
Process Conformance Checking in PythonLab20.04.20.03.
Process Discovery Using PythonLab06.04.20.03.
Introduction to Process Conformance Checking in PythonLab20.04.20.03.
Introduction to Process Discovery Using PythonLab06.04.20.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 9 (Learning Technologies)
Prof. Ulrik Schroeder

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Learning TechnologiesLecture07.04.20.03.
Fachdidaktik Informatik 1Lecture08.04.20.03.
Fachdidaktik Informatik 3Seminar06.04.20.03.
Current Topics in Learning TechnologiesSeminar30.03.20.03.
Learning Analytics and Educational Data MiningProseminar06.04.20.03.

Chair of Computer Science 10 (Media Computing and Human-Computer Interaction)
Prof. Jan Borchers

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Designing Interactive Systems 2Lecture08.04.19.03.
Current Topics in HCILecture07.04.19.03.
Multimodal Media MadnessLab09.04.19.03.
Human-Computer InteractionProseminar07.04.19.03.
Post-Desktop User InterfacesSeminar07.04.19.03.
Interactive Surfaces and SpacesSeminar07.04.19.03.

Chair of Computer Science 11 (Software for Embedded Systems)
Prof. Stefan Kowalewski

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Funktionale Sicherheit und SystemzuverlässigkeitLecture22.04.19.03.
Einführung in eingebettete SystemeLecture21.04.19.03.
Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung und FehlersucheLecture
Ausgesuchte Themen zur Eingebetteten SoftwareSeminar20.04.19.03.
Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung für eingebettete SystemeProseminar20.04.19.03.

Chair of Computer Science 12 (High Performance Computing)
Prof. Matthias Müller

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Concepts and Models of Parallel and Data-centric ProgrammingLecture08.04.24.03.
Performance and Correctness Analysis of Parallel ProgramsLecture09.04.24.03.
Current Topics in High-Performance ComputingSeminar06.04.24.03.
Basics of Parallel Programming ModelsProseminar07.04.24.03.
Parallelprogrammierung von Many-Core Architekturen mit OpenMPLab20.04.24.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 12 (Software and Tools for Computational Engineering)
Prof. Uwe Naumann

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Introduction to Numerical Methods and SoftwareLecture07.04.19.03.
Combinatorial Problems in Scientific ComputingLecture07.04.19.03.
Vorereitungskurs zum Softwarepraktikum CESLab09.04.19.03.

Teaching/Research Group Computer Science 12 (Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization)
Prof. Torsten Kuhlen

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Selected Topics of Virtual Reality (VR II)Lecture20.04.19.03.
Current Topics in the Field of Virtual RealitySeminar07.04.19.03.
Game Development for Virtual RealityLab17.04.19.03.
Interaction in Virtual WorldsProseminar07.04.19.03.

Chair of Computer Science 13 (Computer Vision)
Prof. Bastian Leibe

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Computer VisionLecture07.04.22.03.
Betriebssysteme und SystemsoftwareLecture07.04.22.03.

Chair of Management Science
Prof. Britta Peis

ClassesTypeStarting DateLast update
Algorithmische Spieltheorie (für Informatik & SSE)Lecture21.04.19.03.